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Become an elite space pilot in this free online game

Elena Santos

Review last updated: 26/06/12

  • Free game
  • Several ways to play: collect stuff, kill enemies, do quests
  • Connectivity problems
  • Not very addictive
  • Plain graphics

DarkOrbit is not just a normal space browser game. Race through outer space! Space battles and exciting missions lead you to the top of your company!

Work your way up in your company and conquer new sectors in foreign galaxies! Experience lots of action and a captivating gameplay against thousands of real opponents.

"Dark Orbit in Dire Need of Help"

  • 3.0
  • 3.0
  • usability5
  • Stability3
  • Installation10
  • Functionality6
  • Appearance8

Dark Orbit is an online game which requires no downloads and is "free" to play, it's managed by a company called BigPoint from Germany.

The game at first is nice but , it gets old fast. everything in dark orbit is designed to make you spend credits or Uridium ( if you want really good stuff, then you will need to get some Uridium ) which you can purchase . EG 150,000 Uridium will cost you 59.99 USD

Now the most elite ship costs 80,000 Uridium, while the most basic is free. When the basic gets destroyed ( and in 2 months I was destroyed a total of over 149 times) you keep what you have ( except for a small portion of your cargo) and can get another for free ( do not repair this ship ) , Anything above this most basic and weakest ship will cost 500 Uridium to repair.

The game will lag very badly at peak hours and often the load screen takes forever

Now the support is good for technical issue but for billing issues it's non existent and if you have one, good luck with that.

I do not recommend Dark Orbit, they have unethical business practices and are not accountable to anyone.

They are based in Germany so your options become very limited if you do encounter any. not a good experience and one to avoid .

  • Nice graphics for a web based game
  • Addictive and can get expensive
  • Lack of ethics on the part of the business
  • Support for any payment issues is minimal and frustrating
  • Game lags and is often bug ridden

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24 Apr 2010

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